[ntp:questions] Consumer GPS question

shane-dated-1173382499.fffb68 at cm.nu shane-dated-1173382499.fffb68 at cm.nu
Tue Feb 6 19:41:15 UTC 2007

Hey all,

I am looking at the possibility of using a GPS receiver for NTP time sync
either via the nmea refclock driver or gpsd, just a little home project. 
>From my googling, I've read that the only way to get decent results is to go
with an rs232 sync and stay clear of usb or bluetooth.  Looking at the
mainstream gps sites, I've found the Globalsat br-355 unit and I'm wondering
whether this is suitable for NTP sync and what kind of accuracy I should


The device seems to use a ps2 cable which converts via a y-cable into a db9
serial connection and gets power from the PS2.  What I can't seem to find in
the specs or on the globalsat site is whether the db9 connection provides a
PPS output.  If not, are there any PPS capable receivers out there that
don't require electronics knowhow (soldering etc.)?  That's all I've found
so far.


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