[ntp:questions] Interesting results with PPS

Mauro Fiacco Mauro.Fiacco at ipaccess.com
Thu Feb 8 09:13:09 UTC 2007

>...many NIC's today have interrupt coalescing parameters, which are
>often set by default to favor CPU utilization and maximum throughput
>over latency.  Some of these mechanisms are based on timers running in
>the NIC.  

> rick jones


that's very interesting, but I suspect NTP needs to cope with whatever
network you throw at it. Accuracy and stability will depends very much
on network conditions... NTP algorithms may have to be re-engineered
every so often in order to take into account the latest fashion in
network design as nobody provides networks to suit time synchronisation
requirements (unless you believe IEEE 1588!). 


Mauro Fiacco 

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