[ntp:questions] Using both Server and Peer in ntp.conf

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 8 17:01:21 UTC 2007

April wrote:
> If I'd like to use some lower stratum servers as time sources
> exclusively, but the same stratum servers to sync with (so the clients
> will get more consistent time), could I use Server for the former,
> Peer for the latter?

Yes, you could.

If time, as delivered from various servers, is not consistent, the 
problem is most likely due to the intervening network.  Selection of 
servers should take into account the quality of the network connection 
to each server.  Ntpd will select a server from the servers you 
configure in ntp.conf but it is your responsibility to give it good 
servers with good network connections to chose from.

The best servers are usually those close to you in network space (low 
value of delay) and with low values of jitter.  If you are in New York, 
don't even consider a server in Tokyo (high value of delay).  A server 
in New York with a network path via Los Angeles (there have been such 
cases) is no better!

Ideally, peering servers should each have at least one unique source of 
time.  Lacking a unique source, a peer has nothing new to contribute!

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