[ntp:questions] Is the new NTP server synched?

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 11 14:47:59 UTC 2007

April wrote:
> Configured and started an NTP server, and wanted to know whether the
> server is synched with the specified time source.  Did not see any
> thing about synchronization in syslog for several days, but when
> execute ntpq -p, did find a line of time source having an asterisk, so
> this means the newly configured server is synched with the time source
> specified, right?

> xntpd coming with Solaris 9 (still one using NTP 3? btw, how to check
> the version of it?)

It's V3!

If you like, you can download the source for the current version and 
build it yourself.   You'll need Sun Studio 11 (Free) or gcc and gmake 
(also free).  The Sun Compiler generates better code for the SPARC 
platform but either one will work.

For that matter, you should be able to download a more recent version 
from Sunfreeware.com or blastwave.org.  Just about anything is more 
recent than what Sun ships with Solaris!

Just about all the major vendors are back in the dark ages.  I think it 
has something to do with there not being an RFC for NTP V4 yet.  The new 
RFC is being written by a committee (God help us) and might be ready 
before 2036!

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