[ntp:questions] Fwd: Using ntpdate -b SERVER shortly after SERVER boots

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 13 16:55:55 UTC 2007

Uwe Klein wrote:
> Richard B. gilbert wrote:
>> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>> Donald,
>>> Have you seen http://ntp.isc.org/Support/StartingNTP4 ?
>>> H
>> That's an interesting article but it misuses the word "precision". 

> isn't that "resolution" ?
> iananes ( i am not a native english speaker ;-)

Don't worry about it.  Your English is SO much better than my Deutch. 
(I can make a few polite noises in Español, Deütch, Nihongo (Japanese) 
and Turkish).  I'm fluent only in English and it could be argued 
convincingly that I'm not fluent in English either!

Resolution is a good synonym but NTP usage describes the "precision" of 
a clock in terms of the value of the least significant bit or the 
smallest measurable interval.  I think RFC-1305 defines precision 
somewhere but it's hard to find without reading cover-to-cover.  I hope 
the V4 RFC has an index!!

> uwe

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