[ntp:questions] Using ntpdate -b SERVER shortly after SERVER boots

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Tue Feb 13 16:55:43 UTC 2007

Dear Sir Gilbert, Hello Richard,

Richard B. gilbert wrote:

> it's fierce competition.  The people trying to us NTP to "synchronize 
> clocks to each other

I am well aware of what design goals are the underpinning of ntp(d).

On the other hand i have a bag full of situations where
I want to sync a set of boxes to each other ( somehow )
but have no requirement for sync to "The Clock".

Now if I do not have the requirement i am rather keen on
not trapping myself by dependence on some external service.

I can understand the ire of the developers and maintainers
if their core achievement is simply ignored.

But the pertinent question in this context is _not_:

	is tnpd designed for this setup?


	is ntpd suitable for this type of setup.

A very good idea would be to include some information
on how to set up an isolated sync domain
and what to watch out for to get good sync quality.

This would probably answer about 1/3 of question placed
in this news group.

Would a "private" flag in protocol data then be a good idea?


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