[ntp:questions] ntpd.exe fails, while its NT service continues to run

mills at udel.edu mills at udel.edu
Thu Feb 15 10:18:15 UTC 2007


That message is not from the NTP version that leaves here. I have no 
idea under what circumstances it appears. The version that leaves here 
automatically continues to send packets as long as the DNS name resolves 
to a valid IP address. Whether this is good or not is in the eye of the 
beholder. Only Meinberg knows for sure.


nicough at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi Martin
> Yes, my PC running Meinberg NTP can ping the public NTP server.
> Network connectivity is fine, and normally NTP runs ok.
> When ntp.log reports "network location cannot be reached" error
> occurs, the Meinberg NTP service still says "Started", and the
> ntpd.exe process is running, but no more NTP activity occurs.
> Is there some way to configure Meinberg NTP to keep trying to connect
> to the public NTP server, even after a "network location cannot be
> reached" error?
> Or would you suggest a script to restart the Meinberg NTP service
> every hour - just incase it has failed?
> Many thanks
> Nick

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