[ntp:questions] multicast - wrong interface

Martin martin at pr41.sk
Sat Feb 17 21:20:26 UTC 2007

Thank you for all responses I've got.

The most important information for me came from Danny Mayer:
> Right now you can't do it. I am aware of this issue
So I will stop trying and will use broadcast as a workaround
for the multicast until the problem gets fixed.

And because it is already known, I will not report it as a bug.

Richard B. gilbert wrote:
> Try going with the flow.  If ntpd wants to multicast via eth0, then 
> connect eth0 to the network you want to multicast to.  Reassign another 
> interface to do whatever eth0 was doing.
This would be the last resort. I can't rely on the fact, that ntpd
prefers eth0, or can I ? IMHO using broadcast instead is easier
and the outcome is predictable.


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