[ntp:questions] multicast - TTL

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Feb 23 04:23:33 UTC 2007

David L. Mills wrote:
> Martin,
> The descrete values used for the TTL is consistent with the 
> administrative scoping rules spelled out in the RFC cited in the 
> documentation.
> Dave

Dave, this is a case where the rules are totally wrong. TTL here is a
HOP count and not a time-to-live, in spite of the label. In IPv6 it's
really called a hop count rather than ttl but we should not propogate
this error. I can't find anything either in the NTPv4 Draft RFC or RFC
1305 so I don't know what RFC you mean. Can you clarify? Multicast
doesn't work the way that it was originally designed. It also make no
sense to specify a value other than what you want the ttl be set to.


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