[ntp:questions] Stability problem on PowerEdge (SuSE 9.3)

Till Wimmer news-dfn at substring.ch
Sat Feb 24 18:38:06 UTC 2007


ntpdc> sysi shows:

root distance:        0.02536 s
root dispersion:      0.06160 s
reference ID:         []
reference time:       c98b0322.2c93ea2d  Sat, Feb 24 2007 19:32:02.174
system flags:         auth monitor ntp kernel stats
jitter:               0.041702 s
stability:            48.628 ppm

stability is still not that good...  and getting worse!

On a different machine i started ntpd at almost the same time. The stability there was beyond 0.1 ppm short after...

I'm still thinking there's something wrong with my hardware--- any ideas?


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