[ntp:questions] ntpd 4.2.4 crash on NetBSD/i386

Pierre Dubuc pldubuc at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 24 23:42:46 UTC 2007

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> Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 15:18:19 -0500
> From: Pierre Dubuc <pldubuc at yahoo.ca>
> Newsgroups: comp.protocols.time.ntp
> Subject: ntpd 4.2.4 crash on NetBSD/i386
> [big snip]
> I'm open to suggestions at this point. I also question whether there are
> specific kernel options that must be turned on in order for ntpd to work
> (other than basic networking, I mean).

As an interesting follow-up, I noticed that the kernel doesn't seem to 
handle math very well. Commands "ping" and "top" crash as well, and ping 
yielded an interesting message: "math_emulate: 0xd9fa not implemented
Illegal instruction", which points to the kernel option that is supposed 
to handle this. I did enable "options math_emulate", but old posts on the 
netbsd lists seem to indicate that the emulation is or was not complete 
at one point. This may be my problem since ntpd probably does a lot of
statistical calculations. I'll post there and see what people say.

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