[ntp:questions] (Software) timeserver for windows being broadcast-able incl. keys

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Feb 25 08:08:33 UTC 2007

Erik wrote:
> Hi
> I am looking for a (software) time servers (to run on Win2000) that
> can send out broadcast messages together with (three) security keys
> (for authoring)

Well ntpd works on Windows though I'm not entirely sure what you mean by
3 security keys or authoring. ntpd supports the autokey protocol details
of which you can find in the documentation area of the website:

> This broadcastmessage (to be sent out approx. every few minutes) to be
> picked up by our
> Linux-clients which will correct time when keys are found
> (clients are set to 'broadcastclient' in ntp.conf-file)

Broadcast NTP packets go out every 64 seconds.

> BTW: A different config on clients will not be possible since clients
> are as-is
> (guarantee-issue supplier)

That seems to be a strange statement for software.

> I know of several hardware servers that can do this job, but does
> anyone know of any software time server capable of doing this job?

The hardware servers depend on ntpd in order to work so I'm not sure
what you think you get which is any different.


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