[ntp:questions] (Software) timeserver for windows being broadcast-able incl. keys

Erik e.van.duijn at heineken.nl
Mon Feb 26 08:18:51 UTC 2007

Hello Danny,
thanks for the input

> That's the older security mechanism so don't look at autokey. You need
> to set up the keys right in your config file.

Ok, so not Autokey
BTW With 'setting up right in your config-file' I assume you mean
setting it up in the ntp.conf - file on the PC on which NTP-prog is
installed ?

> The standard documentation shows how to set that up.

I will look into this. But for my understanding (again, a novice in
this area):
The NTP-program from the ntp.org-site is kind of the windows-version
of the one present on for instance Linux-systems but with the same

> Please post your config file.

The ntp.conf you mean?


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