[ntp:questions] problem sync time in client ntpd when server ntpd is restarted.

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 28 14:32:08 UTC 2007

muruga wrote:
> Hi,
>  can any one help with the problem sync time in client ntpd when
> server ntpd is restarted with different settings.
> i have manually set time in server ntpd  and able to serve time to
> client ntpd with out problem, after some time i restart my server nptd
> by giving a public ntp server address to sync and succeeds. Now this
> new time is not syncing properly with client ntpd or many times client
> ntpd stops abrubtly. when i restart client ntpd it is syncing properly
> with new time.
> can any one guide me to properly sync client ntpd with out restarting
> it, when server ntpd restarts.

Ntpd has a "panic" threshold of 1024 seconds and will exit if it finds 
the time in error by that much or more!

Ideally, you should not be serving your unshnchronized local clock. 
Some people do it but, although it will sometimes keep a bunch of other 
computers more or less in synchronization, there is no guarantee that 
the time is even close to being correct!  The synchronization may not be 
very close either; think of one drunken driver tying to follow another!

If you are having problems keeping your server synchronized, post the 
output of ntpq -p.

Note that, while a single external server will work, it is a 
configuration that is far from robust!  If the server dies your clock is 
unsynchronized.  If the server is wrong, your clock is wrong.  Etc. 
Four servers are generally regarded as the minimum required for reliability.

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