[ntp:questions] Authentication of time servers behind NAT / Firewall

Vanya forrester.rome at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 15:39:33 UTC 2007

Wondering what others might have to say about the possibility of
authenticating a NTP server from behind a NAT/Firewall. We are setting
up a system of certified email for cities in Italy. The authorities
want us to show that the servers in the cluster handling the email
traffic are communicating in an authenticated fashion with the local
NTP servers (located in Pisa).

As Mills, et al point out in the ietf drafts

 "NPT associations are identified by the endpoint IP addresses ...
natural approach is to authenticated associations using these values.
For scenarios where this is not possible, an optional identification
value can be used instead of the endpoint IP addresses. The Parameter
Negotiation message contains an options to specify these data;
however, the format, encoding and use of this options are not
specified in this memorandum."

Has any work been done on this issue? As it stands it seems we have to
use a public IP address to authenticate using autokey with the NTP
server in Pisa (using a NAT'ed address the authentication obviously
fails). Anyway getting around this?


Be glad to offer a plate of pasta and a glass of wine (at one of our
restaurants here in Rome) to anyone able to help us.

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