[ntp:questions] Authentication of time servers behind NAT / Firewall

mills at udel.edu mills at udel.edu
Wed Feb 28 19:02:42 UTC 2007


My intent in writing the proposed specification was to leave room for an 
association identifier, but not specify explicit means at this time. A 
natural way to do this is a Diffie-Hellman exchange to develop a shared 
secret and use that instead of the addresses. Of course, the original 
symmetric (private) key continues to work.


Vanya wrote:

> Wondering what others might have to say about the possibility of
> authenticating a NTP server from behind a NAT/Firewall. We are setting
> up a system of certified email for cities in Italy. The authorities
> want us to show that the servers in the cluster handling the email
> traffic are communicating in an authenticated fashion with the local
> NTP servers (located in Pisa).
> As Mills, et al point out in the ietf drafts
>  "NPT associations are identified by the endpoint IP addresses ...
> natural approach is to authenticated associations using these values.
> For scenarios where this is not possible, an optional identification
> value can be used instead of the endpoint IP addresses. The Parameter
> Negotiation message contains an options to specify these data;
> however, the format, encoding and use of this options are not
> specified in this memorandum."
> Has any work been done on this issue? As it stands it seems we have to
> use a public IP address to authenticate using autokey with the NTP
> server in Pisa (using a NAT'ed address the authentication obviously
> fails). Anyway getting around this?
> Thanks.
> Be glad to offer a plate of pasta and a glass of wine (at one of our
> restaurants here in Rome) to anyone able to help us.

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