[ntp:questions] 1PPS signal on Solaris 10

Dave dave.deconsulting at gmail.com
Wed May 9 17:01:52 UTC 2007

I have been having enormous amounts of trouble detecting a 1PPS signal
on a 4200 (Intel x86) running Solaris 10. There is no direct serial
port connection, so I am looking for a PCI board or some other
alternative way of receiving this signal. I tried a serial-to-USB
connection, but the USB port does not support the DCD pin (which PPS
comes over on). I've also tried a Performance Technologies board, but
the ioctl calls TIOCSPPS, TIOCGPPS, and TIOCGPPSEV all return invalid
values. I also have a Symmetricom BC635 board which would support the
1PPS signal if they were to have a driver for Solaris 10, but none is
available. I also looked into companies like Brandywine, but they
don't support Solaris at all. Any suggestions?

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