[ntp:questions] question about logs of PPS

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Wed May 16 14:03:34 UTC 2007


Did you disable your FIFO in the serial port settings? In the
/boot/device.hints file? This *really* helped my PPS stability on my little
NTP box.


For example, I have my serial port(s) set with the following flag:



As to answer your other questions:

1. Best thing to do would be to run winoncore and see what your SNR levels
are. Then you can determine if the bottle/tape is causing any problems. You
can usually find good all-weather GPS antenna's on eBay for like $30.

2. If your coordinates are completely incorrect it could lead to some weird
issues. Again, I like to run Winoncore and let it do its self-survey then so
you can monitor the data.

3. Being near other equipment shouldn't be an issue, but you never know.
Again, running winoncore and monitoring the data for a while should let you
know where the trouble lies, and also configure your receiver completely.


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