[ntp:questions] Synching to a Legacy System as an External Clock Reference

michael.antinucci at lmco.com michael.antinucci at lmco.com
Thu May 17 20:12:16 UTC 2007


Here is the problem I am trying to solve:

I have an old legacy external system that I need to synchronize with
that sends custom protocol UDP packets containing a single field in
the packet that contains the legacy system's current clock time (in
milliseconds). The current clock time starts at 0 when the system
boots and increments forever thereafter. The frequency of this message
is at least every 10 seconds, not 1 PPS like I would like.

My internal system is a large scale distributed Linux-based NTP-
synchronized (down to 1 millisecond resolution) system. I have a
single NTP server that all the other nodes in my internal system
synchronize to. My internal system's NTP server is not currently
synchronized to anything else and is operating as the "master".

My hope is to have my internal system's NTP server receive the 10
second clock pulses from the old legacy system over UDP and have my
internal system's NTP server synchronize with it. Is this possible?
Any other ideas?

I read this fine article (which I think is the path to take) but I
need a clearer explanation on what to do.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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