[ntp:questions] question about logs of PPS

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri May 18 15:30:10 UTC 2007

Good to know your signal is okay, saves the trip up to the roof.

Oops... Yeah having your coordinates that far off could cause unexpected

I find when I calculate my position, the lat/long always ends up being the
almost exactly same, but my height can vary drastically (30 ft or more) just
by the time of day/night. The longer you let winoncore calculate your
position, the better off you will be. And of course entering that data
correctly in your ntp file always helps. ;)


> First of all thanks for your comments, Jason and Richard, i think i have
> find the fail: the /etc/ntp.oncore0 had a bad value of Longitude, it
> should be negative and not possitive because the value of the longitude
> is towards the west. I understand that this fail could produce the
> unstable behaviour of the clock.
> Anyway i have tested other things:
> 1. With winoncore i have tested the receiver and the aerial and they were
> 2. The GPS finds several satellites (9 or more) with good levels of SNR
> (now i discard the lack of visibility and the possibility of electronic
> noise).
> 3. I have disable FIFO settings of serial port and ACPI support of
> FreeBSD server that runs the NTP daemon.

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