[ntp:questions] Question on findexistingpeer

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat May 19 18:06:12 UTC 2007


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Rajaram wrote:
> Hi experts
> I have a very basic question. The reference implementation has an api findexistingpeer. The API returns the peer structure for the given address. It also checks the mode before returning.
> -snip-
>                       if (mode == -1)
>                                 return (peer);
>                         else if (peer->hmode == mode)
>                                 break;
> -snip-
> My question is that whether a peer(address) can associate with another peer with more than one mode? If yes what would be the scenario ? If no, why findexistingpeer checks mode ? Please enlighten me if i miss something ?
> Rajaram.R
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