[ntp:questions] ntpd + TrueTime GPS + daylight saving

Bob Rahe bob at hobbes.dtcc.edu
Thu May 24 19:22:58 UTC 2007

In article <slrnf5afur.p1m.usenet at pirx.askja.de>,
Ralf Gross  <usenet-2003-2 at ralfgross.de> wrote:
>I'm running a local ntpd server (CentOS 4.3) with an attached TrueTime
>NTS 100 GPS device.
>The /etc/sysconfig/clock contains
>The NTS 100 is set to
>F66 OFF
>F01 +00:00
>F03  UTC  05/24/07 07:31:19
>(Daylight saving is off.  Timezone is +00:00)
>This is working fine for 2 years now.  Today I was asked, if the daylight
>saving information is transmitted too.  There seems to be some devices
>that have no information about daylight saving .

>Am I right that our local ntpd sends the ntp packages in UTC?

  Yes, the NTP 100 gives you just UTC.  It does have a configurable time
zone (and it allows you to actually set it for the new EDT stuff, even
as old as it is...) but that's only used for the display/web page stuff.


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