[ntp:questions] slow start

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Tue May 29 18:30:03 UTC 2007

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> Don't use nslookup, use dig. nslookup is really bad as a diagnostic tool.
> I suggested nslookup, rather than dig, because nslookup is installed on 
> both Solaris and Windoze and I think Linux as well.  Dig is not 
> installed on Solaris and, AFAIK not installed on Windoze either.

It should be installed on Solaris. I don't set up Solaris systems but
it's always been there. It's not on Windows but I've made sure that it's
in the BIND 9 binary kits for Windows.

> I've been using nslookup for years on many different operating systems 
> and it has always met my modest needs.  Why and how is dig better?

It's provides so little useful information that ISC tried to deprecated
nslookup several years ago but the feedback was that people wanted to
have it. The first problem with it is that it tries to do a reverse
lookup of the nameserver it's using to make the query. You never need
that information as a part of the information you are trying to find.
It's not even necessarily valid even if it can find the information and
I've even seen it exit if it can't get that information without even
responding to the request.

Dig gives you not only the query, the response, the nameservers and any
other information returned as a result of the query, but also you can
trace a query from the root and make sure that the right path exists to
get to the answer as well as showing you all of the intermediate requests.


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