[ntp:questions] Time sync on a windows domain

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Wed May 30 09:20:01 UTC 2007

On May 28, 11:37 pm, "David J Taylor" <david-tay... at blueyonder.not-
this-bit.nor-this-part.co.uk> wrote:
> Ryan Malayter wrote:
> > On May 28, 1:29 am, "David J Taylor"
> > <david-tay... at blueyonder.not-this- bit.nor-this-part.co.uk> wrote:
> >> What is the URL for your graph?
> > It was linked via the first URL I posted; here is a driect link:
> >http://www.malayter.com/Win2003NTPperformance.gif
> >> If you can automate the software deployment it may not be too bad.
> > Yes, but considering Windows Time Service can be controlled with no
> > scripting at all (via group policy), and is already installed, widely
> > depolying the real NTP on Windows machines can be a tough sell unless
> > the extra precision is required. I know, because I have had "deploy
> > real NTP to Windows machines" on my own potential project list for
> > several years. But I have never been able to justify the added
> > complexity of ntpd on 250+ Windows servers and workstations to myself.
> > Testing ntpd on such a diverse hardware and software base isn't
> > trivial. w32time works well enough for most of our needs, is already
> > installed, and can be easily configured from a central location
> > without scripting.
> Thanks for the URL - I had checked but not found it.
> It's your call on the effort required versus the precision needed, of
> course.  Be aware that the perfomance of W32time on versions of Windows
> prior to Windows 2003 SP1 - particularly on Windows 2000 and XP - may not
> be as good as that in your graph.
> Cheers,
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Thank you all for your comments regarding my post.  I'm overwhelmed by
the generosity of your time and knowledge.

I think I might try and push for NTP on the server estate and leave
w32time as the time sync for the workstations.

We have a policy for users to switch off workstations overnight so I
would think the accuracy advantage of NTP would not be as clear cut.

Thanks again for your help.


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