[ntp:questions] Build Issues - minimum build reqs or vxworks help please...

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.isc.org
Thu May 31 19:39:40 UTC 2007

>>> In article <000001c7a2e0$e4c94c40$2bcc3180 at som>, snaderi at spawar.navy.mil (Som Naderi) writes:

Som> Hello all, I'm having some troubles building NTP for VxWorks v6.4 and
Som> could use some help.

Sounds good to me.

Som> I'm trying to build from within cygwin and within the VxWorks
Som> development shell (which basically just sets a bunch of environment
Som> variables as far as I know).  I've also been trying to use the
Som> vxworks.html hints file that's in the html directory -- except it's a
Som> bit outdated (VxWorks 5, I believe) so I've needed to include some
Som> additional -I switches for other include locations.

Please add whatever information you can to:


and if you want to add a VxWorks6 file to the distribution just let me know.

Som> I'm running configure with

Som> --target=powerpc-wrs-vxworks --host=powerpc-wrs-vxworks
Som> --disable-all-clocks --enable-LOCAL-CLOCK

You should not need --target=powerpc-wrs-vxworks .

Som> It *seems* to work fine, but the make immediately chokes on libopts.c
Som> when it tries to include memory.h.  The problem is -- there is no
Som> memory.h within the entire vxworks directory.  During "configure", the
Som> check for memory.h fails also, though it continues.  It's possible that
Som> VxWorks has the necessary functions under a different .h file, so an
Som> option I have, I guess, is to find which ones NTP needs and look for a
Som> file with those functions.

I'd recommend creating an empty memory.h file and seeing what, if anything,
breaks next.  We can work with Bruce Korb to get this resolved in the
libopts code.

Som> The other approach I tried was to take the config.h and copy it into a
Som> WorkBench project (WorkBench being the WindRiver IDE for VxWorks
Som> development).  Within the project, I had the ntpd directory and the
Som> libntp directory.  I then added the libopts directory -- and this is
Som> really where my lack of knowledge of what's being compiled and what
Som> ntpd's dependencies are comes in.  I've added the -D define for
Som> SYS_VXWORKS and HAVE_CONFIG_H to the compile switches, and before I
Som> added libopts, the make would actually go on for several seconds and
Som> through several files before finally failing with a storm of errors.

It will be your choice, and I'd recommend we try as hard as possible to get
things going with 'configure' first.  If you go the manual config.h way you
will have to continue to maintain that file manually.

Som> Sorry for the essay... I'm hoping someone here can point me in the
Som> right direction with the VxWorks building process or at least a design
Som> doc for NTP so I can figure out what the bare minimum requirements are
Som> to compile a working ntpd.

I have always used an iterative process at times like this.

And the more feedback you give me, the less stuff you will have to keep
track of.

For example, you can put your -I things in a block of the case statement
starting at line 38 of ntp-dev's configure.ac (which I think is better) or
in include/ntp_machine.h (which I think is worse).


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