[ntp:questions] New Orphan Mode

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 2 12:01:22 UTC 2007

Steve Kostecke wrote:
> On 2007-10-02, Rob <pse at nospam.com> wrote:
>>Does anyone know how to set up orphan mode properly? 
> Orphan mode allows a group of servers to choose a leader when no
> real time sources are reachable. You don't need orphan mode, or the
> undisciplined local clock, in a leaf node system.
>>tos orphan 5
>>fudge stratum 5
>>Is this right?
> No. Use _either_ orphan mode or the undiciplined local clock, but not
> both.
> At least one of the nodes will need to be configured to poll an adequate
> number of remote time servers.

I thought that the whole point of Orphan Mode was for situations where 
no remote time servers were available; e.g. your home network is without 
an internet connection and you have no hardware reference clock!

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