[ntp:questions] ntptime

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Oct 2 20:14:12 UTC 2007


The kernel modifications that left here 15 years ago survive today in 
most Unix kernels, including Solaris, Tru64, FreeBSD and Linux, among 
others. If ntptime works, believe it. If it doesn't, believe that, too.


Jason Rabel wrote:

> Your output looks okay... like you said, ntptime returned info so I think
> you answered your own question. ;)
> Jason 
>>According to the ntptime man page "This program is useful only with
>>special Kernels  described  in  the  A Kernel  Model  for  Precision 
>>Timekeeping  page."
>>Is there an easy way to know whether you have such a kernel?
>>I can run ntptime and get output.  (see below)  Does that mean I have a
>>special kernel?

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