[ntp:questions] New Orphan Mode

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Oct 3 16:08:19 UTC 2007


For record, the generations of NTP programs should be credited not just 
to me. Mike Petry and Louis Mamakos at U Maryland built the first 
version circa 1988. Dennis Ferguson at U Toronto largely rebuilt what 
became Version 2 as documented in rfc1118. Lars Mathiesen rebuilt once 
again Version 3 slavishly obedient to rfc1305. Almost 50 people have 
contributed one time or another as documented on the copyright page. 
That page does not adequately credit the current maintainers who troll 
for bugs, secure the code and in general watch over the beast.


Rob wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Oct 2007 19:26:26 +0000, David L. Mills wrote:
>>The orphan mode is described on the Automatic NTP Configuration Options 
>>page in the latest documentation on the web. However, disregard the 
>>comments that advise all machines in the subnet have the tos orphan 5 
>>command. Only do this for your lowest stratum machines and be sure they 
>>can talk to each other,say on a shared Ethernet. Othewise, if one of 
>>them breaks, the others don't know about it.
> Thanks Dave.  I will only use orphan mode for my lowest startum machines.
> I see from wikipedia that you originally designed ntpd.  Congrats!  It
> does a great job at keeping time.  In my view, it does a much better job
> than windows w32time.
> P.S.  Sorry for the delay in responding.  For some reason, it is taking
> some time for some posts to make it to my ISP's NNTP server.

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