[ntp:questions] "Trapping" in ntpd

Rob pse at nospam.com
Thu Oct 4 17:14:32 UTC 2007


When I first ran ntptrap, it complained that ntp.pl was missing.  So I
moved it to a directory in the Perl path.  Then I was able to get it too
work -- sort of.  My results were in my last post.

This time I created a new dir in my home directory -- ntptrap.  Then I
moved both ntp.pl and ntptrap into the ntptrap directory.

I still get the same error.. It will only listen on localhost.  

I even copied ntptrap and ntp.pl to the home directory of another machine.
 Same problem.  

E.G.  I have ntpd running on both and
>From the box, i run "perl ntptrap" and ntptrap
runs but it is not listening on  It is listening on (the localhost)!

[rob at myarch ~]$ perl ntptrap
Thu Oct  4 13:02:31 2007 Listening at address port 32976

I admit my knowledge of PERL is limited.  I use AWK, Bash, Java.
Perhaps I am doing something wrong with PERL.


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