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Antonio M. Moreiras antonio at moreiras.eng.br
Fri Oct 5 01:10:17 UTC 2007

Thank you Harlan. I don´t have previous experience with ntp, than since 
I was assigned to this project, a month ago, I´ve spent a lot of time 
reading the documentation from ntp.org, from David Mills website, some 
RFCs, papers, dissertations, etc.

Even so, I have a lot of questions yet!

This project is very important for us, because there is few public 
servers in Brazil, and fewer primary servers. Also the majority of the 
primary servers rely only on one source, the GPS system.

Then, more than answers, we are seeking also for advises and 
considerations of how we can provide this service with high quality.

Antonio M. Moreiras

Harlan Stenn escreveu:
> Antonio,
> You ask many good questions.
> Perhaps sadly, I do not have time right now to answer them.
> I will say that the answers to your questions either are or should be
> answered on http://support.ntp.org .
> H
> From - Thu

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