[ntp:questions] Onboard Local Oscillator Change Improvements

elio.gi at gmail.com elio.gi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 09:33:38 UTC 2007

Hi to all,
in my setup I'm using a pc (Stratum 1) that synchronizes its local
oscillator from a PPS derived by a GPS (Stratum 0).
We known that pc use normally quartz oscillators, that are poor
quality oscilators.
I'm intended to replace this oscillator with an OXCO oscilattor (an
high stability oscillator).

My question is:
an oscillator replacement would create some improvement in my setup?
Consider that my Stratum 1 pc generate a pps derived from its local
time and this PPS is used from other pc (Stratum 2 pc).

What do you think about?
Has someone made some measures about this topic?

Thanks in advance,
Elio Giugliano.

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