[ntp:questions] NTPd with proxy

Ricardo Calado ricardocalado at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 9 10:06:39 UTC 2007


We have a Solaris server that must have the time sync
with an web site.
This server is inside a private network that requires
to access a windows proxy server to access to the web.

If i open the sun management console and configure the
proxy server in the netscape i can access to the web
without any problem.

Where i need help is in the configuration of the NTPd
in the sun server, if possible? 

In what configuration file i place the proxy server so
the NTPd knows witch proxy he must connect to?

Thanks, in advance.

--- elio.gi at gmail.com escreveu:

> On 3 Ott, 22:41, ricardocal... at yahoo.com.br (Ricardo
> Calado) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > It's possible to configure ntpd to connect to a
> ntp
> > server, passing by a proxy server? How can i do
> this?
> >
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> Hi Ricardo,
> I've read some old messages on this mailing list and
> i've confused two
> thing.
> It seems that a connection that pass through a proxy
> can handle only
> http traffic and not ntp.
> A report you some lines:
> >Typically proxy servers only handle HTTP traffic,
> and perhaps SMTP or
> >a few other user-oriented protocols. This is
> because your web browser
> >has been explicitly configured to use the proxy
> server.
> >
> >Internet-bound NTP packets, on the other hand, will
> go directly to the
> >gateway router on your network segment, rather than
> the proxy server.
> >(Of course, in some networks, the gateway router
> and the proxy server
> >are the same device, but that doesn't matter much
> to you).
> >
> >If that gateway router or a firewall in front of it
> does not allow NTP
> >traffic to pass from your machine, you can't use
> NTP to query internet
> >time servers.
> So my point of confusion was that if you can
> configure your proxy
> server, perhaps you should configure your net in
> order to send ntp
> traffic directly to the router couse sometimes proxy
> server and router
> are the same device.
> If you have other question, don't esistate to
> answer.
> If you are the administrator of your net, you could
> explain us how
> it's configured.
> Thanks,
> sorry for misunderstanding.
> Elio.
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