[ntp:questions] NTPd with proxy

elio.gi at gmail.com elio.gi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 15:45:52 UTC 2007

Hi Ricardo,

> If i open the sun management console and configure the
> proxy server in the netscape i can access to the web
> without any problem.
Ok it's a normal situation because your proxy is an http proxy.

> Where i need help is in the configuration of the NTPd
> in the sun server, if possible?
I don't think it's possible use your proxy server for ntp traffic.
You should configure proxy as a timeserver (n-1) that give to your LAN
pc ntp traffic information (timeservers n).
If your proxy can communicate with Internet on port 123 (ntp port),
and you have access to your proxy, you have only to insert in your
ntp.conf file the timeserver ip address.
I think it should work.

Best Regards,

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