[ntp:questions] Home Time Server

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 9 19:53:31 UTC 2007

David L. Mills wrote:
> Evandro,
> I don't know what non-GPS referece clock you are using, but my two 
> PSTI/Traconex WWV clocks are within about 1 ms and the WWV audio driver 
> in the NTP distribution is usually better than 0.2 ms. Only my ancient 
> Heath G1000 WWV clock can be blamed for greater than 500 ms and that 
> because of a runt antenna. Sadly because of UPS power line noise, WWVB 
> does not work here any more.

Performance of the PSTI/Traconex WWV clocks depends strongly on the 
quality of the signal you provide.  Using the whip antenna provided, in 
my home in New Jersey, I've noticed errors of up to 50 ms when compared 
with my GPS and internet servers!  Performance seems best during the 
hours of darkness.  YMMV!

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