[ntp:questions] Is it possible to run ntpd server behind a firewall?

Ryan Malayter malayter at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 12:30:40 UTC 2007

On Oct 16, 9:19 pm, Shaochun Wang <scw... at ios.ac.cn> wrote:
> The stupid net administrator of my institute blocked all UDP datagram
> in the firewall. I know that NTP uses UDP to do its work, but is it
> possible to let ntpd use TCP?
> Thank you for any suggestion.

If your institute has a network administrator, it mostly likely has an
internal NTP server(s) of some sort. So you do not need to "speak NTP"
to the INternet, only to some system(s) on your local LAN.

And, by the way, a net administrator that implements a "default deny"
rule is not "stupid". He's actually starting to do his job correctly.

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