[ntp:questions] NTP not using PPS

muruganandam d muruganantham_d at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 07:43:59 UTC 2007

Sub:NTP not using PPS
I am using Kernel :2.6.23rc2PPS patch: ntp -pps-2.6.23rc2.diffNTP version: ntp-4.2.4P4
I have enabled PPS support as a module.Under this I have selected PPS debugging message,UART serial support.
I am using GPS Receiver TRIMBLE ACE 3 .PPS from GPS receiver is fed to MAX232 and output of MAX232 is fed to DCD pin of serial port.The serial port I have used is ttys3.
The relevant part of my ntp.conf is
enable stats 
statsdir /var/log
statics loopstats
logconfig = allserver mode 138 prefer iburstfudge refid TSIP  flag3 1 flag2 0 time1 0.042
fudge stratum 10
These are the results after about half an hour:
ntpq -p 
remote          refid   st t when poll reach  delay  offset  jitterxGENERIC(3)  .TSIP. 0  1 39     64  377    0.000 -35.67  35.234
LOCAL(0)      LOCAL(0) 1 20    64   377    0.000  0.000  0.004 
ntp_gettime() returns code 0 (OK)time CAC57B62.7EC56000,SUN, Oct 21 2007 12:56:43.265, (.265534),maximum error 1061671us, estimated error 2usntp_adjtime() returns code 0 (OK)modes 0x0 (),offset 0.000 us, frequency -0.000 ppm, interval 1 s,maximum error 1121063 us, estimated error 2 us,status 0x1 (PLL),time constant 6, precision 1.000 us, tolerance 512 ppm,
Information for generic driver is coming in log file.But no info regarding PPS is coming in log file.
But if I am runing the ppstest file I can see PPS data.
What could be the possible reason for PPS not being used?
Please feel free to ask if any more details is required...
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