[ntp:questions] FreeBSD 6.2 with Spectracom 9283 GPS units?

John Ioannidis ntp at tla.org
Mon Oct 29 02:52:34 UTC 2007

I need to syncronize several FreeBSD boxes off a Spectracom NetClock 
9283 unit. For reasons that I can't elaborate here, I can only use the 
RS485 and PPS signals off the 9283, not their built-in NTP servers.

So far, it looks like my best bet is to run STP and 50Ohm coax wiring 
from the Spectracom to the FreeBSD boxes, get RS485-RS232 converters, 
and using some leftover BNC T connectors from the days of thinlan 
connect the PPS signal that's coming down the coax to the signal ground 
and DCD pins of the RS232 connector.


1. Has anyone on the list actually interfaced a 9283 to a unix box this 
way? ANything I should watch out for?

2. Does there already exist a box that will do all this, so I don't have 
to put it together myself?



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