[ntp:questions] Configuration files missing after make all

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Feb 5 22:18:24 UTC 2008

I would *so* much prefer to top-post the answer to this; folks with threaded
newsreaders (or people following this thread in the future) would have an
easier time, and the folks who object to the A/Q ordering could simply have
a bit of delayed gratification (like verbs in German language sentences?)
while folks who are "good" with context would not have to wade thru the
setup again.

Oh well.

>>> In article <3461c5e7-bebc-4998-80ce-3cab9109bca2 at f10g2000hsf.googlegroups.com>, delphi553 at hotmail.com writes:

delphi> Hello all, I;ve downloaded the Development version 4.2.5p111 off NTP
delphi> from http://www.ntp.org/downloads.html I installed it with the
delphi> foilowing procedure:

delphi> ./configure --prefix={path} ./make ./makeinstall

delphi> When I browse to the path where everything should be there are only
delphi> 3 directories looking like this:

bash> ls
delphi> bin lib man

delphi> Now where are the config files? I expected them to be in this path
delphi> because if I read the makefile:

delphi> sysconfdir = ${prefix}/etc

delphi> well my prefix is /home/joah/ntp, so the conf-files should be at
delphi> /home/ joah/ntp/etc. but that directory does not exists! what have I
delphi> done wrong?

See http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Dev/AutoconfIssues .

There are Legacy installation issues here and every time they have been
changed in the past the backlash has been Enormous.

That this issue (and so many others) is still present is another example of
why folks should join and support the NTP Forum.
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