[ntp:questions] GCC-4.2.3 Compiler Error in NTP-4.2.2p4

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun Feb 10 22:18:00 UTC 2008

>>> In article <fonjjm$a91$1 at flame.contek.com>, see at signature.invalid (Douglas Wells) writes:

Douglas> Thus, the issue is almost certainly not with the gcc compiler but
Douglas> rather the configuration of the NTP distribution: it shouldn't have
Douglas> chosen to use timer_create but rather setitimer.  In looking at the
Douglas> NTP distribution, it's not clear to me why this should fail.  Are
Douglas> you sure that you started with a clean distribution tree?

configure.ac looks for timer_create(). and timer_settime().  If both are
found we will use them.  Otherwise, we will not use either.

And we use different versions of FreeBSD heavily on the NTP Project.

Douglas> I note, however, that the FreeBSD people have provided two
Douglas> small patch files -- both associated with configuring the stock NTP
Douglas> distribution for use on the various release versions of FreeBSD.

The first patch has to do with the 'install' script.

The 2nd patch has to do with rawdcf parity.  As nobody who builds NTP
directly for FreeBSD from the source tarball has reported this problem to
us, there are a *lot* of folks in this category, and I believe the folks
in this category are far more likely to have a RAWDCF device I have been
hesitant to apply this patch to the main codebase.

Douglas> I just tried configuring that version of ntp using the supplied
Douglas> configuration tools (i.e., w/o the FreeBSD patch files), and it
Douglas> properly detected the lack of timer_create (i.e., it wrote "/*
Douglas> #undef HAVE_TIMER_CREATE */" in the top level config.h).  It also
Douglas> compiled successfully using gcc 4.3.0 20071221.  So, I really would
Douglas> suspect stale configuration files on your system.

The FreeBSD patches should have no effect on the TIMER code.

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