[ntp:questions] GPS with PPS without any soldering requirements?

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Mon Feb 11 15:19:24 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Dag-Erling Smørgrav  <des at des.no> said:
>cmadams at hiwaay.net (Chris Adams) writes:
>> The way I finally got mine working in a stable setup was to use USB for
>> the NMEA statements and put the PPS signal over a pin on the parallel
>> port (using shm_splc2 to get the PPS from there to ntpd) since I didn't
>> have an available serial port.
>The moral is: don't buy a computer without a serial port :)

Well, I have a serial port, but it is the serial console.  Not many PC
type systems (including servers) come with _two_ serial ports anymore.
Many still come with a parallel port (that is otherwise unused).  I
could have added a PCI serial card, but then I still would have needed
to get power from somewhere.

>> This way I also don't need another power source.
>You can also draw power from a USB port without actually connecting a
>USB device or transferring any data over it.

Yeah, I looked at that, but I've got an SVeeSix, and it is rated to draw
a little more power than you are allowed as an unconfigured USB device.
So, I used a USB-to-RS232 interface (DLP-2232M) to get both signal and

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