[ntp:questions] multiple sources

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 12 21:17:35 UTC 2008

marknmbox-88 at yahoo.com wrote:
> Can NTP use both GPS and a higher stratum server as
> sources?
> The intention is to use the higher stratum as a
> backup.
>                          Mark

Yes.  GPS will be at "stratum 0" if it's working and makes your computer 
stratum 1.  If GPS fails, NTPD should fall back on whatever other 
servers you have configured and your stratum will drop to  2 or 3.

You should select your backup servers with the same care you would use 
if they were your only servers.  Someday, they might be.  GPS is 
extremely reliable but "shit happens" and you should be prepared.

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