[ntp:questions] Geographical diversity of Stratum 1 servers

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Feb 13 04:00:45 UTC 2008

>>> In article <47B215BF.4020705 at ou.edu>, plaws at ou.edu (Peter Laws) writes:

Peter> Looking for a reference on geographical diversity of Stratum 1
Peter> servers (GPS appliances, in this case).  We have two clocks now (an
Peter> old Datum TymServ with a Symetricom sticker) and another unknown
Peter> brand.  We'd like to add a third at a completely different facility a
Peter> mile or more away.

Peter> What, other than the business continuity angle can I use?  I'm
Peter> assuming it would be better to have the clocks separated from a GPS
Peter> perspective, too.


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