[ntp:questions] time to find ntp server

Tom Smith smith at cag.zko.hp.com
Fri Feb 15 19:06:50 UTC 2008

adirtymindisajoyforever wrote:
> On 15 feb, 15:19, Tom Smith <sm... at cag.zko.hp.com> wrote:
>> adirtymindisajoyforever wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have confiured an external server and the local clock.
>>> After starting ntp the ntptrace command shows 2 entries.
>>> I stop the ntp server on the external server. After 5 minuter
>>> ntptrace shows but one entry (localhost).
>>> I restart ntp on the external server. How long should it take
>>> before the client becomes aware of this external server?
>>> System is solaris 10 galaxy with suncluster.
>>> # ntptrace   (on cluster node 2)
>>> localhost: stratum 5, offset 0.000022, synch distance 0.38689
>>> clusternode1-priv: stratum 4, offset 0.000027, synch distance 0.01012
>>> after 5minutes:
>>> # ntptrace
>>> localhost: stratum 4, offset 0.000019, synch distance 0.01039
>>> restart xntpd on cluster node 1:
>>> ntptrace on clusternode 2 doesn't show clusternode1-priv  anymore
>>> (after 30 mintes).
>>> Any help appreciated
>> ntptrace tells you the chain of servers the node is synchronized to,
>> not the list of servers it is polling. You have apparently configured your
>> local clock at the same stratum (4) as your external server,
>> so cluster node 2 remained synchronized to its local clock
>> after NTP was restarted on clusternode1-priv.
>> Use "ntpq -p" rather than ntptrace to see the status of all your
>> servers/peers.
>> -Tom
> hi,
> thanks for the reply, but before the peer disappears  localhost and
> the peer node have different
> stratum (node 1 has 4, and localhost has 5).

Yes, localhost has 5 because it has synced to clusternode1-priv,
which is operating at stratum 4. After you shut that off, localhost
goes to 4 because it is synced to its own local clock,
which has apparently been configured with "fudge 127.127.1.? stratum 3".
After you bring clusternode1-priv back up, it has its choice
of its local clock at stratum 3 or clusternode1-priv at stratum 4.
They are close, so it stays with its local clock.

Look at "ntpq -p" and ntp.conf, and then change your ntp.conf so it has
"fudge 127.127.1.? stratum 10" instead of stratum 3.


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