[ntp:questions] Windows NTP setup problem.

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 16 15:59:01 UTC 2008

David J Taylor wrote:
> Tualha Khan wrote:
> []
>>Secondly, I don't understand what "fudge" means and difference between
>>peer and server. I have read the documentation, but I am still not
>>if I should be using my internal server's references as peer or
> []
>>Thanks & Regards,
> Tualha,
> I'll let those more expert to comment on the configuration files - I know 
> nothing about authentication.  Having just two external servers is not 
> good, four is better.
> As I understand it, "Server" is a box which can set its time using NTP, 
> and respond to requests from clients.  Two boxes working as "Peers" can 
> set the time on each other, as well as behave as a "Server".  But please 
> it anyone else has a better description, please speak up.

I'd argue with the above wording.  Peers don't "set" the time on each 
other.  They can serve time to each other.  Normally peers would each 
have at least one unique time source else peering would be pointless.

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