[ntp:questions] flipping between stratum 1 clocks regularily

mmoore0011 at hotmail.com mmoore0011 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 19:13:11 UTC 2008

On Feb 19, 11:33 am, ja... at extremeoverclocking.com (Jason Rabel)
> You can try using the "prefer" flag (read the docs) to have it stick to one
> of the servers.
> Jason
> > I've recently been provided with 4 "highly accurate" ntp servers that
> > are using GPS as their primary synchronization source.  Well, 2 of the
> > hosts are using GPS (stratum 1) and the other two are syncing to those
> > (stratum 2).  I've been going around configuring all 4 hosts in my
> > ntp.conf and am starting to notice that my machines are flipping back
> > and forth between the two stratum 1s.  I don't think this is
> > desirable.
> > Some of the documentation from the clock vendors suggests that their
> > clocks are "so accurate" that ntp has a hard time determining which is
> > more so and this affect can occur.  I was thinking of dropping one of
> > the ST1 clocks from the config and going with 1 ST1 and 2 ST2s....
> > that seems more stable in a test.  I wanted to see if anyone else has
> > dealt with something similar and how you fixed it.

Thanks Jason.  I'll try that.

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