[ntp:questions] Geographical diversity of Stratum 1 servers

Peter Laws plaws at ou.edu
Tue Feb 19 21:52:00 UTC 2008

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

> Depending on the number of clients you need to support, you might not
> need a layer of stratum two servers.  If it's possible to configure this
> box to use broadcast mode, you could simply tell it to broadcast a "time

Well, ideally every system on campus, which is probably well over 10,000 
aggregate, but I only really care about servers.  Even of those, probably 
less than 20 or so need *really* accurate time.

Right now, almost everything is pointed at one of the Stratum 1 servers. 
Not very robust should that die.

Broadcast/multicast?  Probably not as we'll be moving the appliances to an 
administrative network at some point.  Could do multicast from the Stratum 
2 systems, though.

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