[ntp:questions] NTPD on bond0:0

David A. Evans Evans_David_A at cat.com
Wed Feb 20 20:30:20 UTC 2008

        We have recently setup our first Redhat NTP server with a bonded 
interface.   We run NTPD on these servers on a virtual IP that used to 
show up as eth0:0.   When it was eth0:0 the -L in the /etc/sysconfig/ntpd 
worked well and NTP would service clients on the virtual IP.  Now on the 
bond0:0 the syslog does not show a listening on message for bond0:0 and a 
netstat does not show the port on the virtual IP.   So of course it does 
not service clients on that interface.

        We are running version 4.2.2 at 1.1532-o.  I have checked the change 
log of the newer versions and don't see any mention of a fix on the newer 
versions and google'ing bond0:0 and ntpd returns very little useful 
information.     Does anybody else have this setup on a bond0:0 interface?

David A. Evans
Enterprise IP/DNS Management
Network Infrastructure Tools and Services
Evans_David_A at cat.com

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