[ntp:questions] Authentication problem

Dennis Hilberg, Jr. timekeeper at dennishilberg.com.invalid
Wed Feb 27 05:23:30 UTC 2008

David L. Mills wrote:
> Dennis,
> The ntpdc program has not been actively maintained for some time. The 
> principal problem is that the ntpdc remote configuration commands are 
> incompatible with the pool and manycast schemes.
> The ntpq program can now generate configuration file commands, but the 
> command set is incomplete. For instance, there is no demobilize command. 
> If ntpdc works, even if buggy, use it. It would be helpful if you could 
> wiggle the ntpq facilities and speak up about what you think it should 
> and should not do.

I looked through the ntpq documentation on the UDel website, but could not 
find anything regarding runtime configuration commands. Only for ntpdc.

If you could point me to some documentation concerning ntpq runtime 
configuration commands, I'd be happy to mess around with it.

> Dave


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