[ntp:questions] Authentication problem

Dennis Hilberg, Jr. timekeeper at dennishilberg.com.invalid
Wed Feb 27 08:05:22 UTC 2008

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> Dennis> Not that it matters, as no one is maintaining ntpdc currently, but I
> Dennis> think I found a bug while messing with it:
> Dennis> saturn:$ ntpdc
> ntpdc> keyid
> Dennis> no keyid defined
> ntpdc> unconfig
> Dennis> MD5 Password: ***Permission denied
> ntpdc> keyid
> Dennis> keyid is 134682920
> Feel free to open a bug report on this.  While there is little chance
> somebody will fix it, there is *no* chance it will be fixed if nobody
> remembers it.

I just did, bug 1003.


Hopefully someone will get to it, but if not at least it's documented.

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