[ntp:questions] Authentication problem

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Feb 28 18:07:00 UTC 2008


The ntpq remote configuration is a work in progress. The original author 
got pulled off on another project before the documentation was complete. 
However, a little poking reveals that a ntpq command beginning with 
":config" sends the rest of the line to the server, which interpets it 
as a vanilla configuration file command. This of course requires 
authentication as in ntpdc.

As I said, the implementation is incomplete and very likely additional 
commands will be useful in future. Your comments are invited.


Dennis Hilberg, Jr. wrote:
> David L. Mills wrote:
>> Dennis,
>> The ntpdc program has not been actively maintained for some time. The 
>> principal problem is that the ntpdc remote configuration commands are 
>> incompatible with the pool and manycast schemes.
>> The ntpq program can now generate configuration file commands, but the 
>> command set is incomplete. For instance, there is no demobilize 
>> command. If ntpdc works, even if buggy, use it. It would be helpful if 
>> you could wiggle the ntpq facilities and speak up about what you think 
>> it should and should not do.
> I looked through the ntpq documentation on the UDel website, but could 
> not find anything regarding runtime configuration commands. Only for ntpdc.
> If you could point me to some documentation concerning ntpq runtime 
> configuration commands, I'd be happy to mess around with it.
>> Dave
> Dennis

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